Global NGO Deworming Inventory

The Global NGO Deworming Inventory will collect data on the efforts of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to address soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH) and schistosomiasis in 2013-2014. Dozens of partners participated in previous rounds of the Inventory. Results highlighted the key role NGOs play in global deworming and identified millions of new treatments.


What is the Global NGO Deworming Inventory?

The 2013/14 Inventory is a collaborative effort of the World Health Organization (click here to read endorsement), the STH Coalition, and the Global Schistosomiasis Alliance, in partnership with Children Without Worms (CWW).The Inventory complements the WHO Preventive Chemotherapy (PCT) Databank. The Inventory collects geographically specific treatment data in order to:

  • Ensure that NGO-administered deworming treatments are accurately reflected in the WHO-managed PCT Databank.
  • Quantify the contribution of NGOs to national and global deworming treatment coverage.
  • Identify deworming treatment coverage gaps.

Recently, UNICEF shared previously unreported treatment data for preschool-age children that more than doubled global deworming treatment numbers for that age group. Accurate reporting plays an essential role in effectively measuring progress toward treatment targets.


How Does my Organization Participate?

Submitting your deworming data is simple. We prefer data be submitted by district, but it can be submitted by state/province or country. The deadline for data submission is September 29, 2015.

To submit your data, use one of the following methods:

  • Complete the online form. Each deworming entry only takes 2-3 minutes to complete.
  • For larger amounts of data (e.g., recommended for reporting of deworming in 15 or more geographic areas), a formatted batch submission spreadsheet is available to help expedite submission. If submitting data for many areas, consider using this designated spreadsheet. Detailed instructions are available in this spreadsheet to help properly format your data. 

If needed, CWW can also help format your existing reports or data sets.

Simply email relevant information to


What Happens to the Data Submitted?

The Deworming Inventory will collate data on NGO deworming treatment activities into a single, accurate database. After data collection, WHO will merge collected data with national program data provided by ministries of health to the WHO PCT Databank.

With your permission, data will also be displayed on the Partners Map.  Please review the Data Use Policy for more information.

Please review our FAQs additional information. You may also contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.